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Hello all!

As promised, here is the information for the transplant coordinator in the Bronx.  As I said, giving a kidney is a huge gift which can never be repaid, except with gratitude and love. I need a kidney because mine have failed due to a genetic condition (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and I'm currently a dialysis patient.  Even if you aren't a match, just the offer means more to me than you can ever know.  

Sharyn Kreitzer
Administrative Director of Renal Transplant, Bronx VA
Phone: (718) 584-9000 ext. 6642
Main Phone: (718) 741-4444
Fax: (718) 741-4711
Email: sharyn.kreitzer@va.gov

Ms. Kreitzer can answer any detailed questions you might have about the requirements or the procedure itself, but in anticipation of a few of the big ones, I'll try to answer the ones I hear most often. 

When will this happen?  As this will be an elective surgery for both the donor and myself, it can be scheduled at a time when it is convenient to all parties involved.  Those include myself, the donor, the surgeon, my support person (the VA requires transplant patients to have a sort of medical chaperone throughout the process) and any support person the donor may require (like the recipient, sometimes the donor needs to be monitored in the days following the surgery). The surgeon and I are available just about any time.  I'll work with you to make sure it happens at a good time for you.

How much will it cost?  All medical and travel related expenses are covered by the VA.  This includes the costs for medical tests, the procedure itself, screening, travel to and from the Bronx, lodging in New York.  I don't believe meals are provided by the VA, but I can start a gofundme or assist in defraying the cost as well.  It's the least I can do.

Do I have to go to the Bronx for everything?  No.  Most of the initial screening and blood work can be done at your local doctor's office, and you'll only have to go to New York for the procedure itself, or if the medical team decides they want to see you face to face.  If they do, the VA will make those arrangements with you and cover the cost.

Can I live a normal life with just one kidney?  Yep.  Donating a kidney is actually a really difficult process because great care is taken to make sure the people giving this amazing gift are not going to have to be on the receiving end of the same gesture down the line.  When they are working properly, our kidneys are exceptionally efficient at removing toxins from the blood, and having a pair of them is like having an all-star coming off the bench; it's a phenomenal backup!

What if I want to donate to another veteran or if someone else might want to donate their kidney?  Ms. Kreitzer can help with that.  Maybe you know of another deserving veteran who is in more dire need than I am right now.  Helping them helps us all.  Every veteran who gets the transplant they need moves the rest of us further up the list to get a kidney from a deceased donor, so we all benefit.

What's that about a deceased donor?  That's the years long waiting list, which is a complex algorithm to decide how available organs are distributed from brain dead donors.  By getting a living donor, the survivability of the transplanted organ is increased dramatically, and it is almost always a better option for the recipient.

Can I share this information?  Absolutely!

I'll include a copy of the brief screening questionnaire given to prospective organ donors.  Don't let it scare you, any questions you may have about it can be answered by Ms. Kreitzer and as I said earlier, it's tough to donate a kidney.  On purpose.  Thank you for even considering it.  I'll also include a couple of links so you can get a better grasp of what led me to this point.

Thank you!
Hamster in the Tailpipe (aka Michael Maloney)


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I really need a life
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Thanks hamster!

This is a lot of heavy information for people WHO regularly abuse their organs... and their friends organs... and anyone’s organs...

Keep us in the loop, and don’t stop ONONing, ONing and ONing.

In my head that sounds melodic...

I guess I’m just nuts


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I thought it might be a good time to put this out there again, as I'm still on the transplant list, and still waiting.  I'll add another link, this time to the Wikipedia article on PKD, with images of an affected pair of kidneys.  A warning though, it's not for the squeamish.


Thanks again,

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You had to post this just before lunch? Sorry I wish I could, but they say I'm too old. Best of luck.


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