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I really need a life
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Have you ever been to a donkey and housing trail? Well, this is a pubic punch trail. After 2 full days of scouting trails in various locations, we finally think we found one that works to bring you all the labor day that you deserve. You will labor. We will attempt to keep any preggers ladies that way, though. We don't need any laboring that way.

Chalk talk at 1:30 on out at 1:45

There will be running, there will be floating (so you will get wet), there will be bugs.

Bring an inflatable tube that you can float on/in but don't bother inflating it. Tubes, donuts, poop emojis. Go to job lot, get an inflatable float. We don't think noodles will work, no kayaks, no SUP's,  No Noodles. No Noodles. 

Start is a small RIDEM lot west of the railroad tracks on Burdickville Road in Charlestown, RI. Best address for GPS is 230 Burdickville Rd, Charlestown RI. The lot is west of the tracks. 
here is a map to the start: https://goo.gl/maps/or9RaMnuJYt

Chalk talk at 1:30 on out at 1:45

Bring dry clothes, dry shoes, something that inflates that you can float on. No noodles. Bug Spray, we encountered tons of PI.

Still working on an on-in. 

-PH and DP


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That was a grand trail. Beer was adequate. Flour (off water) plentiful and strategically placed. Good group of Wankers and Wankettes. Float was as good as it gets in RI. Doggies and snakes no bite us. Coppas no catch us. NO: Bondo, WIPOS, Shemale, WeeBalls, Bondo's Bitch or Just Bert. Water temp was perfect and the flow could have been much worse. The only negative, and there always has to be one, the wait for beer and food was a bit loooong, and the other table sucked.
All in all, I'd say it was a sucksess. Thanks


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