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I need a life
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Only the finest labia could have united to create such a total overthrow of the ruling classes (if only for one day). It's Monday, but we're running during the day, as a symbolic middle finger to the capitalist state. (We know its already a holiday, but fucking work with us here.)
We're starting at the Frost Pond parking lot off Frosty Hollow Road in Arcadia Management area at 2 PM!! If you show up at 6:30, we'll have already drunk all the beer and eaten all the treats, because even though we hate the tyranny of the time clock, we have to have SOME standards.
Each hasher will be given the choice to randomly choose a trail according to their perceived ability, though since everyone gets the same beer, treats, and snacks at the end, you might as well follow the marks. 

So to recap, there will be treats.
And beer.
And trail, even.
Behold, the bounty we have provided for our comrades!

Cook outs were dicey given the recent dry spell, so we are opting to go to a regular restaurant for On After. We might want to smash the state, but we don't want to burn down the forrest. 

FYI: PG would like everyone to know she's responsible for the text above incase the government is interested. And it's also a joke. So don't arrest anyone or put a watch on their houses. Her google image search for work already has her on watch lists (thanks "edgy" college theatre and the messed up imaginations of several playwrights). 

On ON[smile]


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Is that the Breakheart Pond Parking area?

I need a life
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Nope, the coordinates are 41.587373, -71.709128
It's the little pond BEFORE Breakheart Pond.

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