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OK. Chocorua is happening next week. I will arrive Thursday August 16, by 1800. Ladies are welcome to join me on Thursday for a naked midnight swim (at 8 PM). Men, wait till Friday.

Friday, if you arrive early, you will have to help me set trail. Otherwise, I hope to go out for dinner somewhere, with whatever other wanks show. 

Saturday, we will breakfast  while I put the beer out, and at 1300 the trail will begin. And what a trail! Short, sweet, no shiggy, and with fine beer at the BC. Call me lazy. Call me a wanker. But this will be a trail for your memory books.

After the trail, I hope you will all bring something to eat, because, I will provide some hamburgers and maybe some sausages only. Salads? Haha! No way. Veggies? For wankers, only! After dinner, the usual: naked midnight swim (at 8 PM),  and awful movies, cribbage, etc.

What to bring:

1. Pillow, sleeping bag and toiletries
2. Beer
3.Bathing suits (women, this is optional0
4. Beer
5. Towels
6. Beer
7, Flotation devices or boats.
9. Beer
10. More food.
11. More beer.

Those that bring food will have the weekend for free. Those that don't will owe me $1000 each. If they don't pay up, I will call President Trump and have him restrict their library privledges.


Take 95 north. 
When you reach Portsmouth NH, take the Spaulding Tpk/Rt.16 on the left.
Route 16 north for 50-60 miles through Ossipee to Chocorua.
After Chocorua village, 2 miles up and down the hill to take a left onto Chocorua Lake Road. Cross  the bridge and in 0.3 miles, take a left at 225 Chocorua Lake Road.

I will put out an orange cone. Hopefully, you all will miss it and move on. But I can dream.


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I sent this out via email, but it bounced back. Probably due to it looking like spam. If you're in New Hampshire and want to save some cash on liquor/wine, go here for your coupon. See you at the WHO compound.
Dog Meat said she's making meat-a-balls and sausages. Basket's bringing the gas. For what that's worth.



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I’ll be coming up Friday sometime.


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Anyone doing breakfast? Ill bring a tiny viena sausage & Gravy, beer, biscuits, eggs, bacon, PBR and some beer. 

Also, if anyone need's a boat, let me know.
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