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I've mentioned it a few times but hadn't really figured out the details and how much room and all that junk, but here it is finally.

It's in 2 weeks on June 24. We'll technically have room for about 5ish people before we hit capacity (though I highly doubt anyone will be checking and we have extra seats at the tables if a few more than that show). If you want to come, send me an email so I can plan for you. Also, try to carpool if you can.

The ceremony will be at St Anthony's Church in Falmouth at 1:00 PM for those of you who want to torture yourselves going across the bridge on Saturday. I don't recommend it, even though we'll have bagpipes.

The reception will be at the Overbrook House in Buzzard's Bay at 5 Old Head of the Bay Road, and the cocktail hour starts around 2:30-3:00 PM. Lots of beer (craft/IPA included of course) and and other drinks. We'll have paella for dinner (vegetable, seafood, and meat/seafood). The party ends at 10:00 PM. I'd suggest camping nearby (15 minutes away) at the Shawme Crowell State Forest, I just checked and there's 149 sites available that night for $17 for the night. Or somewhere else. I don't feel like looking for a place better than that. The motels nearby are of dubious quality supposedly.

There will be children around, so if you wear a kilt, try to wear underwear...

It's gonna be a good time and our very own masturbaker Crotchy is making the cake, which will be awesome. Flexi and CEP will also be there. And Milly too I guess.

Edited to reflect that the party actually ends at 10. oops.

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I wanted to make this, but my daughter is adoption the two babies and we'll be celebrating with family that day. I hope the traffic doesn't make the lucky bastard late for his wedding. That could be a long haul from Falmouth to Buzzards Bay in summer with traffic and the bridge congestion.
Now, I was a half hour late for my wedding, but I'll blame that on my mother. Still it doesn't seem to have been a very big problem after all these years.  DM and I have been married for 47 years of bliss....can't wait for the comments.


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