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I really need a life
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Cum one, cum all to the 10th annual Cinco de Moustache. 

Although Donkey nor Pubic Housing are the reigning moustache champion, they have graciously set a truly spectacular trail for you all at Copicut Woods in Westport, MA. 

Bring your best 'stache to be judged by your moustachioed peers, high socks, bug spray, head lamps, margarita faces, and leave your whining at home as this will be a typical D/PH trail. Hardy dog friendly. 

BEST MOUSTACHE gets the privilege of serving us all margaritas and shiggy next year! And your name on the moustache champion shirt if we ever find it. It's probably with the hash shit bag. 

Get yourself here before 6:30pm: 41.708826, -71.065476
It's on Indian Town Rd,Westport MA right before the intersection with Yellow Hill Rd. Unless you are interested in offroading, don't take Yellow Hill Rd. Take Blossom Rd to Indian Hill Rd. Make right onto Indian Hill and then follow Indian Hill until you see the green sign for Copicut woods on the left, pull in and park. If you hit Yellow Hill you've gone too far. 


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I really need a life
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Will there be superglue-on staches for non stached folks?!

Will there be Donkey's anal stache hash t shirts for sale?!

Will there be more BH3 folks than RIH3 folks because of locations?

Will rusty's mug make it over the tree bridges?!

Will there be a drum circle after?!

¡Yo tengo mucho preguntas!

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